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WSK-TNg2009 Summer School in Autumn
"From Communication to Collaboration"
Nov 02, 2009
Co-organizer Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (SSSA)
Date from 2 to 7 November 2009
Venue Nishi-Waseda Campus, Waseda University
Participants 88 students and 13 Post-Docs as advisories
Invited Lecturers
3 November
Yoshiyuki SANKAI (Professor, Tsukuba Univ.)
Toshio FUKUDA (Professor, Nagoya Univ.)
Osamu MIZUNO (Panasonic)
Hiroshi GONAIKAWA (Uni-Fi Research Co.,Ltd.)

4 November
 (Visiting Senior Researcher, Waseda Univ.)
 (Professor, Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Kazuyuki KANOSUE (Professor, Waseda Univ.)
Mun-Taek Choi (Senior Research Engineer, KIST)

5 November
Junho Choi (Senior Research Scientist, KIST)
Peter Mertens (Siemens K. K.)
Paolo Dario (Professor, SSSA)
Sung-Kee Park (KIST)

The Summer School is the traditional annual meeting of the universities is the Global Robot Academia (GRA) branch of the Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) organization. This year (2009) students and faculty from Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (SSSA) in Pisa, the Korean Institute of Technology, Nagoya University, Tsukuba University and Waseda University came together in Tokyo to communicate and collaborate in order to broaden their view on Robot Technology RT.

The theme "From Communication to Collaboration" was well supported by a series of interesting lectures by outstanding presenters from various universities and companies. This educational program was reinforced by extensive group-work projects, that gave the students the chance to sketch some of their own ideas in collaboration with others. Members of every group of students were carefully selected to originate from different universities to make inter-university, inter-national, inter-cultural and inter-disciplinary dialog possible. The group-work session were well received among students and faculty, the resulting presentations and posters showing the creativity and team-capabilities of the participants.

The overall result of this year's Summer School can be characterized as a stimulating, highly educational and pleasant experience. The students not only gained a lot of new ideas and knowledge on a personal level, but also the product of the summer school as such, the presentations and posters of the group-work represent many interesting research proposals that very well might have the potential to progress further, into actually endeavored projects.

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