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Construction of RT theory and cultivation of young, hopeful researchers

Facing elderly dominated society, Robot Technology (RT) is expected to play an important role in the medical, welfare, and livelihood support categories. In addition, the birth of a new industry is expected, which has yet to occur.
To develop pioneering RT for the genuine social infrastructure of other countries in the future, we must immediately pursue two things. First, we must develop an educational base that attracts progressive researchers from all over the world. Second, we must cultivate young researchers to work on developing technologies from an international perspective. To apply solutions to the various issues of society, conveyance of pragmatic know-how and proof of the theory is necessary. However, we have run out of confirmation of robot theory because RT is an accumulation of knowledge from a variety of different engineering fields. There is currently no systematic educational curriculum. To address this situation, we aim to construct M-Robotics (Methodical Robotics) by applying solutions to the various pragmatic problems of livelihood. M-Robotics is demonstratively chosen from the principles and system of RT, which provides support for the society of future generations.
At the same time, we will collaborate with the CIR (Center for Intelligent Robotics; Korea) and SSSA (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna; Italy) to develop an international educational environment. Our aim is to cultivate a large number of young researchers with breakthrough ideas who have the ability to build a high level of academic intelligence and to develop the creative ability to generate pragmatic ideas.

Theory and practice are organically circulated among these three groups to create a fusion with natural science alongside synergistic development. M-robotics is a new engineering field that may include the humanities and social sciences.

P-RT [Personal Physical Psychologocal]

Individual research in RT, especially research fusing the engineering, medical, biology, psychology, and brain / neuroscience fields.

C-RT [Community Connective Co-creative]

Plural research in RT based on informatics and emergent engineering.

S-RT [Social Secure Safe]

Research in the following : Role of robots in society. RT involving environmental issues. Legal, ethical, and cultural issues with regard to RT.

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