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Cultivation of Young Researchers

To cultivate young researchers and engineers who can provide breakthrough ideas.

  • (1) Alongside progress in the construction of Methodical Robotics, high level specialized academic classes for Ph.D. candidates and the practical special program Global Robot Academia Program have been implemented. Students accept the challenge of the Global Robot Academia Program, which is initiated by top researchers from overseas and Japan, in the assignment of foundational and practical robot technologies.
  • (2) Collaborative research projects with overseas bases and circulation of special curricula for the doctoral course are realized by long term dispatch of students overseas. The dispatch also cultivates high level academic intelligence and practical ideas.
  • (3) Co-hosting summer school by CIR (Korea), SSSA (Italy), and Waseda, and a double degree program with a collaborative institute overseas improve the international educational environment.
  • (4) Corresponding to the ability of each student candidate, we recruit research assistants and visiting research associates. We provide a superior environment for research that includes economic support.
  • (5) International internship program may provide a variety of different career paths in government, industry, and academia both domestically and overseas. The Waseda Postdoctoral Career Center and overseas enterprises and outposts of Waseda cooperate in the internship program.

Doctoral Program Students Accepted

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  • Cultivation of Young Researchers

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