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Greeting from Program Leader

Program Leader
Masakatsu G. Fujie
(Professor, WASEDA University Faculty of Science and Engineering)

To meet expectations that Japan will continue to be the leading country in RT (Robot Technology) and to develop a truly "intelligent" social infrastructure for RT, it is urgent that we foster young researchers to work on RT with an international perspective. However, compared to the standard curriculum for information technology that has been offered for almost half a century, there currently is no systematization of RT or educational program for RT anywhere in the world.

The university has developed over many years high-level machining facilities. Moreover, the university has a 40-year history of research and development in robotics. Given this background, the center will be able to combine mechanical engineering production (including materials engineering) with software technology (including voice processing, image processing, and artificial intelligence) to form an integrated research and education system for robot creation. This creation will be achievable only because there is a wide range of robotics researchers at Wasdea University and because these researchers have a long-standing tradition of cross-disciplinary cooperation. In addition, our objectives are to systemize into M-Robotics (Methodical Robotics) the principles that form the foundation of the broad range of RT, to develop an educational curriculum that will become the international standard, and to issue a library series of publications related to M-Robotics. The practical and elemental technology research pursued at the 21st COE Program "Innovative research on symbiosis technologies for humans and robots in the elderly dominated society" will be continued and positioned as model cases for deriving principles and systems for M-Robotics.

The Global Robot Academia, the state-of-the-art research facility at Waseda University, proudly offers the M-Robotics project for extracting the principles and systems in RT, endeavoring to develop it into a truly "intelligent" infrastructure. Our overall aim is the realization of cohabitation between humans and robots. A strategic alliance with the Center for Intelligent Robotics(CIR) of Korea and Scuolo Superiore Sant'Anna(SSSA) in Italy has resulted in a rich research and education environment that is conducive to international collaboration. Technological breakthroughs derive from sound academic learning and practical, realistic minds that are capable of putting innovation into practice - these are the very qualities we seek in our young researchers.


April 1945: Born in Kyoto and raised in Kanagawa
March 1971: Master degree of Waseda University
April 1971: Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.

(From the time, he consistently focused on research of robotics.)

April 2001: Present position

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