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Italy-Japan 2012

Italy-Japan Workshop is an initiative, organized by Global Robot Academia and sponsored by the Embassy of Italy in Japan, in which a specific theme is discussed and analysed involving the governments, universities, research centres, and industries of both countries. Italy-Japan Workshop has been organised since 2001.
In this event, Italian and Japanese distinguished speakers, coming from both University and Industry, share their experiences and their visions on robotics and on its role for the support of the future society. In addition to the presentations, a selected number of Japanese and Italian companies are invited to show and demonstrate their products.
Waseda University, as one of the most important scientific partners for Italy, is delighted for the opportunity of organising this event again.
In this year, the contents will specifically focus on the role of robotics during disasters. During the last two years, both Italy and Japan had to face several emergencies.
In March 2011, the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami devastated the north-east of Japan, immediately followed by the nuclear accident of Fukushima. These disasters have exposed risks of security beyond any imagination in Japan.
On the other hand, in January 2012, following the accident of the cruise ship “Costa Concordia”, there is still concern for the consequences in the ecosystem of Tyrrhenian Sea in Italy. During the same month, heavy snow paralysed the whole country. In June 2012, several earthquakes caused huge damage to historical buildings in Emilia, in northern Italy.
Robots can be a valuable assets for both prevention of such disasters and for saving human lives as well as protecting the environment. We intend to present to the common people how the different joint activities of Italy and Japan, with a specific emphasis on Waseda, can help to create a safer future.


Theme Assistance robots for disasters
Venue Nishi Waseda: Bldg. 62 – Seminar Room 1 (90 seats)
Coffee Break and Lunch: Bldg. 63
Demo: Bldg, 63
Date 3rd December 2012
Time 9:00 – 19:00
Registration Fee Free (registration)
Official Language English
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