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Global Robot Academia is always searching for top level researchers (Ph.D. candidates) from all over the world.

Economic Support


Students enrolled in the doctoral program, which starts in April 2009 or later can apply for the scholarship which is equivalent to the tuition fee. (Generally students must be age 30 or younger to qualify for this benefit.)


People recruited as a research associate, full-time research associate, or visiting research associate may be eligible to receive approximately 100,000 JPY to 200,000 JPY per month (including social insurance). Position Closed

Exceptional and unique points of Waseda University

Most robot research groups are biased either toward machine engineering or information engineering, and those considered the world's best, such as MIT, Stanford, Berkley, and Carnegie Mellon, recently have placed their emphasis on software technology. In contrast, the greatest strength of this center will be a capacity for integrated creation unsurpassed by any other research institute. The parent organization of this center is the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which has a 100-year history of education and research in design and production. In addition, the university has developed over many years high-level machining facilities. Moreover, the university has a 40-year history of research and development in robotics. Given this background, the center will be able to combine mechanical engineering production (including materials engineering) with software technology (including voice processing, image processing, and artificial intelligence) to form an integrated research and education system for robot creation. This creation will be achievable only because there is a wide range of robotics researchers at Wasdea University and because these researchers have a long-standing tradition of cross-disciplinary cooperation. We also have strongly promoted in the 21st Century COE a new creativity that combines medicine, physiology, psychology, rehabilitation, sociology, and environmental studies. In the Global COE we are proposing, the robot technology that Waseda University has cultivated in its history of integrated creativity will become a new academic system and science of robotics to be shared with the international community.

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Global Robot Academia Office
bldg. 59-309 Waseda University Okubo Campus
3-4-1, Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8555 Japan
WASEDA University Faculty of Science and Engineering

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