The WSK-TNg Summer School in Autumn 2009

From Communication to Collaboration

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Date: November, 2nd (Mon) - 7th (Sat), 2009
Place: Waseda University, Nishi-Waseda Science and Engineering Campus, Tokyo, Japan

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With the advent of the aging society, there will be an increased demand for the practical application of RT (Robot Technology) in lifestyle-related areas such as healthcare and quality-of-life assurance. It is expected that this demand will lead to the creation of new key industries. The Japanese market only for robots is estimated to be about 6.2 trillion yen in 2025. This estimate, which is about 12 times the current market, strongly indicates the potential for RT to develop into an industry second only to automobiles, electronics, and information technology.

To meet these expectations, and to develop a truly intelligent social infrastructure for RT, it is urgent that we foster young researchers to work on RT with an international perspective.

Last Summer School focused on the creation of strong, international and interdisciplinary groups, and promoted the communication between their members. The WSK-TNg Robotics School 2009 concentrates on the development of a systematic theory of RT that fashions a new relation between people/society and machine systems and on evolving robotics from an aggregate of several fields into a unified discipline of science, technology, and engineering, while at the same time working to understand related socio-economic issues.

Twelve invited speakers from five universities and one company will introduce the topic From Communication to Collaboration to a selected group of students. A variety of subjects within this field will be addressed, such as the basis of RT (mechanical engineering, control engineering, materials engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, information engineering, and ergonomics) and many other disciplines, including medicine, physiology, psychology, and neuroscience, as well as sociology, law, and ethics.

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